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The Gao research group is hiring 2 PhD students (2024 Spring or 2024 Fall) , 2 MS Students (2024 Spring or 2024 Fall) , 1 research scientists/postdocs(Any time), and 1-2 research assistants (Any time). The group welcomes undergraduate students to conduct research.

The group welcomes self-funded students, CSC Scholarships supported students; visiting students/scholars, salary and benefits will be provided depending on the qualifications of the candidates.

Click the following link for more informaiton on the positions. 

Link 1以色列理工----催化/DFT/生物质/流体力学---全奖博士硕士

Link 2广东以色列理工Guangdong Technion催化/DFT/生物质/流体力学博士后和研究员

Link 3: Research Fellow in Multiphase Flow CFD Simulation (RF-2021003) 

Link 4: PhD/Master (MSc) Positions in Multiphase Flow Experiment, Simulation, and Application (GS-2021004)

Link 5: Guangdong Technion Catalysis/DFT/Biomass/CFD postdoc/scientist open positions


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